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CLICK THE LINKS BELOW TO SEE RARE 1978 PHOTOS OF BLACK SABBATH: SPOKANE, WA. 9-28-78 and ARTWORK BY BEN UPHAM III ************************************************************************************************************************************************ BLACK SABBATH DISCOGRAPHY: 1970 Black Sabbath 1970 Paranoid 1971 Master of Reality 1972 Black Sabbath Vol. 4 1973 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 1975 Sabotage 1976 Technical Ecstasy 1977 We Sold our Souls for Rock […]

Black Sabbath Scores

CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW TO SEE RARE BLACK SABBATH PHOTOS AND ARTWORK: BLACK SABBATH FINE ART AMERICA IMAGES BY BEN UPHAM and BLACK SABBATH CONCERT PHOTOS BY BEN UPHAM “Black Sabbath Scores” by Deniese Kusel The Press Telegram Long Beach, Ca. September 10, 1975 Black Sabbath’s claim to fame was that they were louder […]